Race Schedule updated daily as events and bookings change.

Events Schedule 2017

as of 07.20.17 - tentative event schedule

  • April 1st (Sat) Open practice Legend cars only 9am to 5pm
  • April 29 th (Sat) Club FR Drifters
  • April 30th (Sun) Club FR Drifters
  • May 7th (Sun) FVSCC Auto X
  • May 8th (Mon) Shawano PD
  • May 9th (Tues) Shawano PD
  • May 10th (Wed) Shawano PD
  • May 11th (Thurs) Shawano PD
  • May 21st (Sun) Stateline Rallycross
  • May 27th (Sat) Club FR Drifters
  • May 28th (Sun) Drift 101
  • June 2nd (Fri) Mid American Sprint Series CANCELLED
  • June 3rd (Sat) MASS Race CANCELLED
  • June 4th (Sun) MASS Race CANCELLED
  • June 10th (Sat) Private Party 1pm to 4pm
  • June 15th (Thurs) Private Party 1pm to 4pm
  • June 17th (Sat) Private party 3:30 to close
  • June 24th (Sat) Private party 9am to 5pm
  • June 25th (Sun) Club FR Drifters
  • July 14th (Fri) Private Party 10am to 1pm
  • July 16th (Sun) Stateline Rallycross
  • July 22nd (Sat) Club FR Drifters
  • July 23rd (Sun) Club FR Drifters
  • July 28th  (Fri) LOTW Supermoto practice
  • July 29th  (Sat) LOTW Supermoto
  • July 30th (Sun) LOTW Supermoto
  • August 3rd (Thurs) 1pm to 4pm Private Party
  • August 4th (Fri) LO206 Cup Practice
  • August 5th  (Sat) LO206 Cup
  • August 6th (Sun) LO206 Cup
  • August 9th (Wed) 11am to 1pm Private Party
  • August 12th (Sat) Expert Drift Day
  • August 13th (Sun) Drift 101
  • August 15th (Tues) Oconto Falls PD
  • August 19th (Sat) Club FR Drifters
  • August 20th (Sun) Club FR Drifters
  • August 22nd (Tues) Oconto Falls PD
  • September 1st (Fri) Final Bout
  • September 2nd (Sat) Final Bout
  • September 3rd (Sun) Final Bout
  • September 9th (Sat) Private Party 2pm to 6pm
  • September 16th (Sat) Stateline Rallycross
  • September 17 (Sun) Club FR Drifters
  • September 20th (Wed) Private Party 1pm to 6pm
  • October 7th (Sat) Legends Road Race Shootout Race 1
  • October 14th (Sat) Legends Road Race Shootout Race 2
  • October 21st (Sat) Legends Road Race Shootout Race 3
  • October 27th (Fri) Festival of Lights set up add to schedule
  • October 28th (Sat) Festival of Lights
  • October 29th (Sun) Club FR Drifters

6th Annual SuperMoto
2017 Lightning on the Wolf

July 29-30, 2017!

See the LOTW page for details, entry forms and more information!


2017 Season

US Air Motorsports is pleased to announce our preliminary race schedule for 2017. It is bigger than ever and offers a national level of competition for everyone. Stay tuned and check back as the season continues to fill up with races and race dates!

Come join the fun!!!